Resins floors

Resin floors and surfaces

We can realize

  • resin floors;
  • resin stairs;
  • resins of walls and all other surfaces

Resin makes your surface anti-dust, oil and acid-resistent, antistatic, waterproof and sound-absorbing.

Resin surfaces also have a high heat resistance (-40°; +120°), phisical and mechanical, and are adapt for H.A.C.C.P. protocol areas application.

resin coating is made without removing the existen coating, it only needs an accurate preparation of the surface and immeiately gives new life to your ambient. It is also possible to make a monolithic treatment that gives profondity to the ambient.

We have a wide range of tools for smoothing of uneven floors, that resin which are difficult to remove witho other tools machines. We can remove glues, paints and resins from floors, including the hardest, polishing then the concrete below.We can also polish the floor below


 Execution fast for both smoothing of the surface and removing of resins, glues and paints.

with resin you can obtain differen results in base of your demand.

  • fast-laying;
  • high  usage-resistance;
  • high chemichals-reistance;
  • easy to clean;
  • water-proof;