Mirror effect polishing. Clusters, tops, vetical surfaces

Smooting and polishing of vertical surfaces and counters

With a special rotating machine, equipped with diamond head, we can clean, smooth and polish bar counters, small tables, bathroom tops, stairs, bathroom and kitchen’s tiles. We can also remove graffiti from walls. The rotative machine can be used in dry or wet conditions.

Antiquing of surfaces

On the same machine we can add the antiquing brushes.


With this service you can reuse tables ecc. without throw the maway. This system erases stains of cola, lemon or cosmetics thatruin the natural beauty of materials. This result is achieved in natural way, only with mechanic and without using lead, that is dangerous for health and illegal. Our method allows a longer duration than all other method straditionally used. You can save money with a recover program, instead of complete replacement of your bathroom top or counter.