Concrete polishing

Cleaning, smoothing and polishing of concrete surfaces

With a mechanical work realized using diamond discs, you can trasform a simple concrete cast into a stylish and trendy floor. This process gives the floor a top quality and brightness, like a mirror effect.
You can also choose from a wide choice of colours and decorative motifs to personalize your concrete floor. Using our mechanical processing, you can avoid every resin and film-forming treatment. Another possibility is the processing with an oil and repellent saturation product.
SUPERCONCRETE is suitable for food environments because it makes the floor ecological and hypoallergenic, combining the surface's health with a marble-like appearance.


This system erases stains of cola, lemon or cosmetics that ruin the natural beauty of materials.
This result is achieved in a natural way, only mechanically and without using lead, that is dangerous for health and illegal.
A brighter and more reflective floor helps to provide brightness to spaces during daylight and increases the artificial lighting at night.
Cleaning becomes more simple and faster. The absence of roughness on the floor prevents the dirt from hiding in the slits, securing the hygiene more than on every other type of flooring.
In industrial spaces, it reduces the wear of forklift wheels preventing tyre marks.
A SUPERCONCRETE treated floor prevents damage and signs of wear.