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"aurea marmoree genti qui secula duxit"  Cansignorio della Scala

 About us:


“Step Servizi” was founded in August 1990 following, Dino da Paoli's (the founder and owner of STEP) many years of experience in the cleaning, smoothing and polishing of marble and stone, resin flooring and varied maintenance industry. STEP's services are mainly offered to businesses or for a commercial or touristic use. 
Step’s primary target was to develop a new process that makes the floor so smooth that they enable faster and more effective cleaning. 
Thanks to this intuition, combined with a personal interest in walkable surface related problems, Dino De Paoli realized "SUPERCONCRETE", an innovative technology and novel polishing system. 

“STEP servizi” introduced this to the market in 2009, and it instantly became a huge success.
Starting from this point “Step Servizi” further developed its smoothing and polishing department specializing in:

  • Concrete smoothing and polishing;
  • Marble smoothing and polishing;
  • Smoothing and polishing of small surfaces and counters.

Today STEP continues its work while constantly looking to the future with an innovative and professional outlook. 
Although our headquarters are in Verona – Italy, we have been able to develop projects on vast surfaces all over Europe in important and prestigious businesses such as Zurich international Airport, Mercedes Berlin skyscraper, Commerzbank of Düsseldorf, Cerny Most shopping mall in Prague and the Sheikh's Palace in Abu Dhabi.


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More than 100.000 working hours per year 
More than 150 operators with 7 days a week availability

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